Human Capital Management



Organizational Mapping


When it comes to bringing your material, financial and human resources into line in order to meet your objectives, you need more than a slogan. Effective managers already know how crucial it is to have the right individuals with the right skills in the right positions and at the right time to ensure their business’ longevity and performance.

To cater to the needs of executives and operational managers, our team of experts has developed a human capital management strategy that’s simple, effective, and provides clear information about the potential presented by your collaborators and teams: HR+ talent mapping. Thanks to this tool, which can be accessed via the Client Zone, you get a precise picture of the risk level associated with each function in your organization based on your employees’ potential and availability.


Team Building and Mobilization


Loss of confidence, fear of confrontation, lack of commitment, absence of accountability and indifference to results are the five dysfunctions a team must overcome. Through the use of assessments, individualized coaching and training, we work with you to help your team reach the level of maturity necessary to strengthen your organization.

We provide you with our expertise so that your team and your future managers can become aware of their influence and impact on the atmosphere within your organization.


Transition and Redeployment


Reorganizations, mergers, acquisitions. Today’s managers must all face these realities. From preparing dossiers to supporting the people affected, we’ll assist you with handling sensitive individual or collective dismissal procedures. Thanks to their experience, our professionals are able to rapidly establish the trusting relationship that’s essential to the success of this undertaking.

Although each of our transition programs offers unlimited to Ma Carrière, an exclusive, convivial and effective professional development portal, technology can never replace human contact. It’s for this reason that one-on-one meetings are and remain at the heart of the service we offer.

Our approach is both constructive and empathetic, and relies on solutions and opportunity building.

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