Potential Assessment





When hiring new talent, you hope to select the best applicant and to make the right choice for your organization. Recruiting mistakes come at a high price, and their impact on the organization far exceed the financial. This is why most managers worry about making such miscalculations in spite of the numerous precautions taken throughout the process.

To reduce the risks of committing errors when acquiring new talent, potential assessment is the ideal tool to dispel as many doubts as possible regarding your final choice. Thanks to our proven assessment tools, you’ll quickly build a complete profile of your applicant that goes beyond what you perceived during the interview.

Before making Applicant #1 an offer, use our potential assessment service to obtain a better picture of their profile and to identify their towering strengths and development areas. This will enable you to integrate this individual in the most efficient and personalized way possible.


Internal Movement


Organizations that believe in human capital often benefit from presenting their team members with new challenges by creating new positions, making replacements or devising special projects. Although you’re familiar with these individuals in their current roles, do you know how well they meet the skill and interest profile for this new challenge? Since each person’s motivating factor is different, it’s essential to take the time to analyze how well the prospective applicant’s profile matches the position’s profile before proceeding with any internal staff movement.

Thanks to our expertise, we’re able to assess the selected individual’s motivating factors and to consider the organizational context as well as that of the position in order to understand the impacts of this decision on the people concerned. Whether or not the position in play is managerial, you’ll obtain a comprehensive profile of the individual as well as helpful advice on their integration and monitoring in their new job.


Succession Planning


People often say that no one is irreplaceable. However, identifying and training the succession within an organization is a constant worry and can prove a daunting challenge, and most leaders tell us that they have no idea how to proceed or what their first step should be.

Your organization represents a major investment for you in every way, not only financially but at the human level. You’ve put vast amounts of efforts, time, energy and heart into it. You care about it and want it to remain strong after your departure. You want to make certain that those who follow you will continue with the same spirit and values, even though they’ll do so using their own style and vision.

Preparing someone to take on such a critical role requires a number of years. Other key positions may also call for succession planning to prevent any weakening of the organization in case a sudden departure should occur.

Thanks to our potential assessment expertise, we can make a determination as to the chances of success of each identified applicant, whether internal or external. We can also evaluate their potential for development with a view to improving their performance and to accessing upper positions in the short, medium and long term. This can lead to designing a plan that identifies the development steps and objectives needed to ensure that the individual will be ready to take up this challenge when the moment comes.

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