Talent Development



Individual Development Plan


Better self-knowledge is at the very core of human capital development!

Do you want to improve your professional skills with a view to a particular position? Do you believe that your team or an individual has certain shortcomings that must be overcome? Do you need to ensure a high quality succession? Have you noticed that your staff is demotivated or presents a high turnover rate? Do you want to revise your strategic or organizational planning?

Thanks to our Individual Development Plan (IDP), individuals can acquire the skills that are necessary to their professional fulfilment and to the organization’s growth. It constitutes a collaboration between the individual, their supervisor and the company. We design the IDP once a psychometric assessment has been carried out and after a one-on-one meeting in order to adequately identify both the company’s and the individual’s needs and the skills that require improvement. As a result, it’s tailored to the requirements of the company and of the individual.

For the company, the IDP makes it possible to focus its orientations and to ensure better retention as well as competent succession, while concretely following the strategic plan. For the individual, the IDP enables them to become aware of their strong points and of the skills they should hone in order to make headway in their workplace while fostering their commitment and dedication to the company. Additionally, the IDP acts as a guide to guarantee that objectives will be achieved.




Our team of advisors offers a variety of management coaching services that support your professional growth according to your needs and interests. We provide both individual and corporate services.

Our coaching services include a potential assessment that clearly identifies strong points as well as skills that require honing depending on the organizational context and on development needs. A time bank is then allocated for one-on-one or team meetings aimed at guiding professionals and managers through their development towards their established goals. Coaching can also be provided after an individual development plan if no internal resource is available to perform a follow-up or when the company wishes to add external expertise to the process.


Workshops and Training


Training makes it possible to quickly initiate a change and to equip a large number of individuals with basic concepts within a short amount of time and at a low cost. We can also develop specialized training for your company based on your needs.

The format can be tailored to your reality. Training can be provided in several sessions on your premises. Consult our list of training courses available to companies.

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